Roland DWX-4

The Roland DWX-4 is the industry's most user-friendly desktop dental milling system, making it easier than ever to produce precise crowns, copings, bridges and hybrid abutments. Like its larger family member, the DWX-50, it is capable of milling a wide variety of materials, including new hybrid ceramics with precision.


Affordably priced, the DWX-4 is ideal for any lab just getting started in digital dentistry, labs who no longer wish to outsource production and labs that need a second device for urgent jobs. With the DWX-4 dental milling system, you can mill a single crown or bridge on demand, quickly and economically.


  • Compact dental milling system
  • 2-station automatic tool changer
  • 4-axis simultaneous lead/worm screw driven machining
  • Tool diagnostics with tool life management
  • Air blower to aid with difficult-to-mill materials
  • Negative ion generator for neutralizing static electricity
  • Multicast capability for connecting up to four DWX dental mills to one computer
  • Color-coded LED light signals machine status
  • Mills wax, zirconia, PMMA and popular new resins in standard blocks and pin-type materials
  • New! EasyShape™ software supports milling strategies for new pin-type materials, including:
    • 3M™ ESPE™ Lava™ Ultimate Restorative*
    • VITA ENAMIC® hybrid ceramic
  • New! In addition to crowns, copings and bridges, EasyShape now supports milling hybrid (glue-type) abutments
  • Automatic calibration
  • E-mail notification system
  • Dust collection system with airflow sensor
  • Virtual panel ensures easy operation
  • G-code compatible
  • Compact design is ideally suited for small lab environments
  • Compatible with industry-standard software
  • Open architecture for easy integration into a complete production solution
  • New! Optional Accessories:
    • 4-position automatic tool changer supports up to four tools of varying sizes
    • Multi-pin clamp allows you to mill up to four different pin-type materials simultaneously
    • 0,3mm tool for restorations that require fine anatomic details

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