Ceramic milling

For the rework of primery parts or implant abutments made of zircon ceramic, Aluminumoxide or pressable ceramic. With the new accesory our S1-Junior, S2-Master or S3-Master milling machines is no additional mmilling equipment needed.



Here a turbine with 300.000 rpm is used, which is inserted in place of the motor milling spindle into the milling equipment. Additionally the turbine is equipped with the proven light technology of Schick Dental. For the avoidance of temperature-dependent micro cracks in ceramic the system is working with water cooling. A new suction tub makes the use possible in the normal milling equipment. With the treatment of titanium the suction tub is used with the motor milling spindle.

Special tools

To complete the system 1 set of each diamond tools and special polishers for ceramic are available for the optimal treatment of ceramic primary parts and implant abutments.


Special value was put to the increased health hazard on the complete removal of the abrasive dust and cooling water by the employment of a special separator. Also the complete water fog does not come thus into contact with the milling equipment. The system can be operated by connecting the separator with all commercial or central suction

Schick Sets for Ceramic Milling

Ceramic Set Basic Art.-No. 2650/7

Ceramic Sets for various Schick milling machines:

Ceramic Milling Set for S1 Art.-No. 2650/15

Ceramic Milling Set for S2/S3 Art.-No. 2650/05

Ceramic Milling Set for other milling machines Art.-No. 2650/05

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