S Classic series: simple harmony

Derived from a new-concept design, the S classic is made of quality components and materials to provide long-lasting performance.

Available with 17 and a 22 litre chamber volumes, it features a practical black and white LCD display and a soft-touch keypad.


Technical specifications

S Classic autoclaves are electronically controlled and equipped with a stainless steel sterilisation chamber.

The practical single-stage air extraction system allows execution of advanced S-type cycles, providing suitable sterilisation of solid instruments and hollow load products B.
A final, highly efficient vacuum drying stage means that bagged loads can also be sterilised.
The innovative steam generator and exclusive hydraulic circuit ensure outstandingly fast, stable execution of the sterilisation cycle.

The Process Evaluation System ensures constantly reliable results.

The 6 sterilisation programmes (of which one is programmable) can be selected directly from the menu.

Moreover, the modern user interface allows personalisation of several parameters such as language and PIN-controlled user access.

The new fill-empty tanks are easy to access, inspect and sanitise.

25688.jpgThe fast connection system for water discharge on the front of the autoclave makes the task fast and simple.

The S Classic steriliser allows cycles to be recorded in pdf format, downloadable onto the PC via a USB storage device.

When scheduled maintenance tasks need to be carried out, the LCD display provides the relative instructions.

Lastly, the, S Classic can be equipped with an external printer (optional) that allows executed cycles to be recorded on rolls of thermal paper or labels.

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