B Classic series: an assured success

Easy to use, the B Classic autoclave provides full traceability of every single sterilisation cycle. While three sterilisation chamber sizes are available (17, 22 and 28 litres) the external dimensions remain the same for all the volumes; moreover, all versions feature a black and white LCD display and keypad.


Technical specifications

B Classic steam sterilisers are electronically controlled devices with stainless steel sterilisation chambers.

They are characterised by an efficient multi-stage vacuum system for complete removal of the air, even from hollow, porous materials and are equipped with an effective final vacuum drying phase to eliminate every last trace of moisture from various load types.

The exclusive steam generation system, efficient hydraulic circuit and sophisticated electronic control (which features high-precision sensors) ensure high process execution speeds and excellent stability of thermodynamic parameters. Furthermore, the Process Evaluation System provides constant real-time monitoring of all the “vital” machine parameters, thus ensuring absolute safety and perfect results.

The 6 sterilisation programmes (of which one is programmable) all feature personalised drying and can be selected immediately via the user-friendly LCD screen and integrated soft-touch keypad. Moreover, the screen allows the user to select the language, manage users and personalise the steriliser exactly as desired.

B Classic is designed to streamline the workload of those who use it: components undergo lengthy lab testing, with top-quality materials and outstanding programme practicality making this product the new sterilisation industry benchmark.

The new fill-empty tanks, which feature large doors, are easy to access, inspect and sanitise. The conductivity sensor incorporated in the tank automatically ascertains the quality of the distilled water being used and warns the operator should it be unsuitable.

The B Classic autoclave also allows sterilisation cycles to be recorded and saved digitally using a USB storage device.
A special dust filter traps impurities in the cooling air and protects the steriliser interior and steam condensation system.

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