Millwashing thermo-disinfector

Millwashing: the perfect combination

The Millwashing thermo-disinfector with drying air provides efficient support for the cleaning and thermal disinfection of all instruments.

It eliminates the profession-related risk of handling infected instruments (turbines, handpieces etc.) and allows heat treatment and disinfection of contaminated instruments.

With completely automatic control of all cycle phases (pre-wash, wash, thermo-disinfection, drying), it lets the user go straight to the sterilisation phase without any further handling.


Technical specifications

Characterised by sophisticated electronic control, the Millwashing unit features 3 washing and thermo-disinfection programmes. Fully constructed in AISI 316 stainless steel, its press-moulded chamber provides outstanding internal hygiene.

The two rotors, positioned in the upper and lower parts of the chamber, ensure an effective washing action.

The hot air drying phase, with DOP 98% filtration system, allows elimination of any residual moisture, even inside hollow instruments.

Comprehensive standard equipment set:

multi-function support,
support for 8-compartment trays,
4 special handpiece supports,
connection for flex hoses,
instrument tray,
8-compartment tray holder,
drill basket,
mains water connection kit.
The Millwashing unit also features a USB port and connection to an external printer (optional) via an RS232 serial port.

EN 15883-1/2-compliant.

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