Millseal Rolling thermosealer

This ergonomic, linearly designed thermosealer introduces a new approach to sealing in dental surgeries. With advanced technology providing an automatic procedure that is both fast and effective, it deserves nothing less than a standing ovation.


Technical specifications

Guaranteed to maintain sterilization performance.

The Millseal thermosealers are equipped with electronic control of sealing parameters (time and temperature) and ensure a 12 mm wide sealing band, well in excess of the legal requirements.

Moreover, visual/acoustic indicators provide information on sealer operating efficiency.

Constant high performance

Automatic temperature adjustment provides optimum heating control in the sealing zone, ensuring high quality performance over time.
The Millseal thermosealers also feature an overheating protection device and an automatic energy-saving standby system.

Ergonomic, practical design

The Millseal thermosealers combine user-friendliness with high reliability. The positioning system keeps the paper locked in place and prevents rewinding of the roll after cutting and sealing, thus permitting a linear, uninterrupted procedure.

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